Summer of Small Business

May 2013
Summer of Small Business Project Image


In May 2013 I embarked on a quest to deliver 10 sites in 10 weeks. The initiative was part of the “Summer of Small Business”. This is the landing page for the promo to get a basic website online in under 10 days.

Full Project Details

This project is as much about being a marketing experiment as it is being up my portfolio. I work with clients of all sizes, but I specifically wanted to tailor an experience to small businesses that fail to realize how critical the web can be. Many businesses ignore their sites all together (or don’t even have one), and in turn they are losing business and not maximizing their trading area as well as they could be. I am advertising on Facebook, Twitter, and through Google Adwords specifically for this initiative and this entry will be updated with overall project statistics throughout the summer.

For the SOSB landing page, I really wanted to capture the “ocean state” vibes. The layout was decided to have a very nautical feel to it, and I purchased numerous sea-life vectors to integrate into the design as overlay elements to give the site the extra kick it needed. As usual, the layout is fully responsive. This was built as a single html page and was not coded in PHP or WordPress.