SandCrate Community Portal

February 2013
SandCrate Community Portal Project Image


A complete BuddyPress and bbPress powered community for entrepreneurs and creative individuals alike. Responsive, organized, and clean. The “Facebook without the fluff” for creative individuals.

SandCrate Community Portal Project Image
SandCrate Community Portal Project Image

Full Project Details

SandCrate, a project for Creative Zone, LLC was a massive undertaking that began in December 2012. Upon hearing the goals of the project I conceptualized an entire new design to replace the existing layout the client intended to use. The goal was to make this community as inviting and easy to interact with as possible. Clean lines, one and two column page layouts, and a color scheme that played off the existing SandCrate logo.

The end result is project that including customization of WordPress templates and BuddyPress templates, as well as the modification and integration with CollabPress and BuddyPress Docs. Custom interfaces and functions were created to allow for seamless upgrading as BuddyPress and the dependent plugins for this project continue to grow. As usual, the project was built to be completely responsive so mobile devices were not left out in the dark.